Paycer updates Roadmap to highlight recent exciting developments

The CeDeFi champion Paycer has updated its roadmap after recent achievements and new developments.


Paycer has completed all the scheduled roadmap items so far. Step by step we are laying the foundation for a positive disruption of traditional finance.

Some of those big wins so far are the Paycer protocol design, team expansion with the best talent, a live and working prototype of, token IDO and company formation successfully completed, TGE and DEX/CEX listings.

New pillar of success added to roadmap

Paycer has added a new layer of strategy and immediate execution to the roadmap. Two exciting topics that will play hand in hand: NFT Strategy & Metaverse Banking.

NFT Strategy

Paycer has developed a detailed NFT roadmap. We have outlined this here

The NFTs will bridge the gap between banking and metaverses. With real utility that includes higher staking rewards, cash back programs, lower platform fees, LP mining bonus and much more. Packed with real utility. At the same time the collection will satisfy gamification needs. With breeding and actual in-game use, the Paycer NFT is surely about to make a splash!

Metaverse Banking

Just like the NFT strategy, also the newly developed Metaverse strategy is reflecting the team’s acknowledgement where the market is moving in the next few years. Paycer already secured one of the best spots in Bloktopia’s metaverse and has set up a virtual branche. Paycer’s Cryptodiva has created a video about that partnership here

Roadmap with a vision

For the next two years Paycer has a clear path to success which is to become the European Leader in CeDeFi (centralised defi), launch a range of banking services and connect the dots to metaverses and digital assets with a sophisticated NFT collection.

Stay tuned for more announcements and developments. We are early and you are part of our journey.

See our updated roadmap here



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Paycer Protocol

Paycer Protocol

Paycer is a bridge protocol that aggregates DeFi services cross-chain and combines them with traditional banking services.