Paycer PCR Airdrop Winner List Released

Until the end of January 2022 Paycer was running an airdrop campaign to grow the Twitter and Telegram community for Paycer. This airdrop was quite successful because over 52,000 people participated in this campaign. However not everyone finished all the required steps to participate. Also there where quite a lot of bots that joined the airdrop. The airdrop of the PCR was planned to happen in June 2022. We will distribute the PCR with a very little delay, as we need to adjust the release process to make sure to filter dead wallets and bots out.

We also need to allocate a lot more PCR to the wallets than initially planned because of the market conditions that also hit the PCR token price. We will now distribute 1,000 PCR to the 1,000 winners on the winner list. A total of 1M PCR will be distributed. The winner’s wallets can be found here: Winners

If your wallet is on the list congratulations from the whole Paycer team! We will very soon post an update when and how the PCR tokens will be distributed.

If your wallet didn’t win don’t be sad - you can still purchase PCR on , DODO or MEXC Global.

Thank you,
Your Paycer Team


About Paycer
Paycer’s goal is to aggregate DeFi investments multi-chain and make them available to users without the need for their own wallet nor the expertise. This should allow anyone to generate a passive income in a world where banks no longer pay interest. Hence the Paycer team is developing a bridge protocol for DeFi and TradFi to combine the best of both worlds and make it available for retail clients #CeDeFi. Apart from the technical matters and the creation of a super easy to use final product. The goal is also to create a regulatory framework that allows the legal operation of a DeFi platform within the EU first and subsequently in other regions.

Currently, a DeFi platform is already available on on which Paycer tokens PCR can be claimed and staked. More features will go live soon. At the moment on Polygon but other blockchains will be integrated in the near future. Paycer is also working on a banking partnership to be able to combine DeFi with a traditional bank account. In addition to the development of the DeFi platform, the development of the final consumer product is also in progress.

Be sure to follow Paycer on social media for all the latest updates on product development. We have further exciting announcements to share very soon.

Stay in touch with Paycer:
Website | Telegram | Medium | Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram | GitHub



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