Paycer partnered with UniFarm - Part of Cohort 35

Paycer is happy to announce a partnership with UniFarm. The Paycer token PCR will be part of Cohort 35 on Polygon Network with 4 different projects.

UniFarm is a one-of-a-kind staking solution where the best projects in DeFi space come together to provide value to investors. UniFarm allows you to stake one token but earn multiple high-value tokens, so in addition to a great APY, your returns are automatically diversified as well.

So you can basically stake your PCR tokens to earn PCR and 4 other tokens as rewards!

UniFarm Cohort 35 Set to Launch on Polygon

UniFarm is thrilled to launch its latest Cohort on Polygon Network.

UniFarm Cohort 35 goes live on February 11 @ 1:30 PM UTC on the Polygon Network.

Projects Joining UniFarm Cohort 35

Paycer Protocol ($PCR)

The Paycer Protocol allows for cross-chain operations and the aggregation of certain DeFi products from other blockchains. The Paycer Platform integrates the Paycer Protocol with typical financial services such as a bank account and a debit card to create the Paycer Platform. To get started, users only need to make a fiat money deposit on the Paycer platform; no cryptocurrencies or DeFi are necessary. Paycer then invests the funds in a variety of DeFi products, generating a high and consistent interest rate as a passive income.

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SwapMatic ($SWAM)

SwapMatic provides an Automated Market Making (AMM) and yield farming technology on the Polygon Layer 2 chain, enabling creative blockchain businesses.

Get $SWAM Token


OwlDAO is the most popular Web 3.0 crypto casino solution. The OWL token offers indefinite buyback from casino profits, as well as auto-liquidity and staking benefits, thanks to partnerships with major protocols.

Get $OWL Token

Ispolink ($ISP)

Ispolink is a novel cross-chain platform for developers powered by Binance Smart Chain and Polygon’s layer 2 scaling technology. Ispolink empowers blockchain firms to source industry-leading talents with internal AI-powered algorithms.

Get $ISP Token

UniFarm ($UFARM)

UniFarm is a one-of-a-kind staking solution that brings together the greatest projects in the DeFi industry to deliver value to investors. UniFarm enables you to stake one token but receive many high-value tokens in return, thus your returns are automatically diversified in addition to a terrific APY.

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How Does UniFarm Cohort 35 Work?

It’s simple. You stake one token and farm all the others available in the pool. Let’s say you stake $PCR.

The first WEEK, you farm $PCR

The second WEEK, you farm $PCR, and $UFARM

The third WEEK, you farm $PCR, $UFARM, and $ISP

The fourth WEEK, you farm $PCR, $UFARM, $ISP, and $OWL

The fifth WEEK, you farm $PCR, $UFARM, $ISP, $OWL and $SWAM

And so on till 180 Days.

So you can basically stake your PCR tokens to earn PCR and 4 other tokens as rewards!

What is the Pool Size?

Total Reward Pool Size for UniFarm Cohort 35 is $250k. The reward pool per project is $50k and $500k worth of tokens per project can be staked.

Important Details for UniFarm Cohort 35

  • Stake any ONE token, and farm ALL the others.
  • The pool for this Cohort will last for 180 Days.
  • We guarantee a minimum of 36% APY and a maximum of 250% APY for this cohort.
  • This pool is on Polygon Network, with MATIC-20 Tokens.

Note: This is a locked pool. Users can unstake their rewards only after the farm ends.


UniFarm is growing in popularity. Prepare for the launch of this new farm going LIVE on February 11, 2022. You are sure to get a good return on your investment!

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