Paycer Community AMA Recap from 2022-June-27

Paycer’s monthly Community AMA took place today on Discord. Nils Gregersen (Founder & Managing Director), Christoff Berlage (Head of Marketing) , Mahsa Doorfard (Marketing Manager) and Austin (Community Moderator) were present from the Paycer team.

5 Questions were gathered from the Discord community and 5 questions were chosen live during the AMA.

Austin: “First Question was asked by Y.M. Could users from non-EU countries have Paycer’s banking card Or should they wait for Paycer’s banking partnership in their country?”

Christoff: “Paycer’s banking license will be issued in Germany and the services provided will first be launched in major European countries, before a roll-out globally will be undertaken.”

Austin: “ Next question is from Bane. Has paycer already established a banking partnership or is looking forward to establish one? is the potential banking partner a new age digital/ Neo Bank or is it a well established traditional bank? How does a bank benefit from its partnership with Paycer?”

Mahsa: “Getting a banking license in Germany which is highly regulated won’t be that quick. The process takes time. That is why we are taking the more efficient option and are in the last stages of negotiations with a bank. Once everything is finalized we will announce it on our social media. Our banking partner will be a traditional bank in the CeFi industry and after getting that partnership, Paycer is able to take the next steps to become a a so called “Neo Bank. Currently many centralized banks are integrating Blockchain and DeFi. A partnership with Paycer as a professional CeDefi company will have multiple benefits for them. It’s a reciprocal connection in which both parties benefit.”

Austin: “Next question was asked by Milk Trudge. I have some confusion about your roadmap; from Moon Veil 1 to Wireless Frog 3; there are lots of things in Moon Veil 1 as “TO DO” and “ In Progress”, but when you released Serpentine Mountain 2 and Wireless Frog 3, lots of task in Moon Veil were not mentioned. can you explain it?”

Christoff: “We have honestly neglected the technical roadmap updates recently, apologies from the team. Some reasons behind that was the latest laser focus on delivering the NFT project alongside developing the Paycer protocol. You can always see on GitHub how active and busy the development team is; fully transparent. However we will take this feedback on board and look for ways to re-establish the technical roadmap updates for our community.”

Austin: “ Next question was asked by hans. Once the real bank account is established through the partnership, where are users going to manage that bank account as well as the interface between crypto and fiat? Is all of this also going to be realized via the DApp we have been using so far on What are you building in that regard?”

Mahsa: “We are building a top notch mobile app! You probably already use traditional banking apps on your phone; with Paycer it will be a similar easy application; But with having the benefits of our CeDeFi protocol running in the background, high staking yields, profitable investment strategies and more.”

Austin: “Next question is by Saduni. During the 2022 I got scammed a few times, rug pulls ,soft rugs etc. how can we as investors be sure that Paycer will not be similar, are your contracts public & somewhere to be seen?”

Christoff: “Yes. You find the major contracts on Also our GitHub can be visited on Additionally, rest assured that Paycer GmbH is a fully German regulated and registered company, including non-anonymus management team and company board members.”

Mahsa: “Now the chat will be open again. you can ask your questions. we will choose 5 questions to answer.”

Y.M: “One question about Paycer Protocol team: where are you guys from? (Telegram group admins too)”

Christoff: “the Team is mostly in Germany: especially the developers and management team and Cryptodiva. Myself, I live in the UK. the moderators are from Serbia. “

Milk Trudge: “Seem like, at the moment, Paycer is focusing on NFT more than CeDefi products. Have there been any problems in the the process in cooperating with the banking license ?”

Christoff: “There has been progress. There are still active and ongoing talks right now with our founders and the potential partner. So please bear with us.”

Modvan: “I see that recently #PAYCER has established a partnership with “UNOREINSURE”. So Can you tell us what benefits this partnership brings, and how it will support the PAYCER ecosystem and growth and vice versa?”

Christoff: “Once the protocol has been fully launched UNO will insure the users against loss of funds. Example you stake your tokens or some LP and in the event of a hack or similar we would be insured.”

aangga45: “What approaches will Paycer use to bringing crypto payments and DeFi to those Real Life use cases in the world? What are your future plans regarding this?”

Mahsa: “As you all already know we are a CeDeFi company which is centralized. we have a Decentralized Finance product but our company is fully regulated and centralized. it gives us a position in which we can bridge the two worlds of DeFi and CeFi. Paycer will have a simplified DeFi platform which makes it easy for everyone to use it. the more it gets used, the more real life use cases will emerge.”

Baesola.nft: “About your NFT, Can you explain further about the utilities of these NFTs within your platform? Are they meant to be held as simple collectibles or will they have additional benefits? Also, will you have your own marketplace to sell and buy the paycer NFT?”

Mahsa: “Paycer NFT will have many functions and is intertwined with our native token $PCR and Paycer Finance Platform. There is a strong connection between Paycer Credit card and the Paycer NFT. in the future, Paycer NFT will represent your Paycer Credit card in virtual platforms such as various Metaverses. the Paycer NFT will add additional features to the credit card, such as cash back and discount programs as well.
the NFT can also be upgraded by using Paycer Tokens (PCR). You can get the following functions in various forms: lower platform fees, staking bonus, more voting power, liquidity mining bonus, referral bonus, etc..”

Nils: “Hi everyone, could not make it to the AMA because I had some meetings today. Just wanted to say hello real quick. Many thanks to Christoff and Mahsa.”

Mahsa: “We’re done with today’s AMA. thank you for contributing and being here.”

About Paycer
Paycer’s goal is to aggregate DeFi investments multi-chain and make them available to users without the need for their own wallet nor the expertise. This should allow anyone to generate a passive income in a world where banks no longer pay interest. Hence the Paycer team is developing a bridge protocol for DeFi and TradFi to combine the best of both worlds and make it available for retail clients #CeDeFi. Apart from the technical matters and the creation of a super easy to use final product. The goal is also to create a regulatory framework that allows the legal operation of a DeFi platform within the EU first and subsequently in other regions.

Currently, a DeFi platform is already available on on which Paycer tokens PCR can be claimed and staked. More features will go live soon. At the moment on Polygon but other blockchains will be integrated in the near future. Paycer is also working on a banking partnership to be able to combine DeFi with a traditional bank account. In addition to the development of the DeFi platform, the development of the final consumer product is also in progress.

Be sure to follow Paycer on social media for all the latest updates on product development. We have further exciting announcements to share very soon.

Stay in touch with Paycer:
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Paycer Protocol

Paycer Protocol

Paycer is a bridge protocol that aggregates DeFi services cross-chain and combines them with traditional banking services.