NFT Trading Strategies

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4 min readJul 14, 2022

NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) have been around since 2012 but they became popular in 2021. This industry is considered fresh and might survive for decades. That is why early investors might have great chances of earning high profits. Some NFTs are even distributed for free as airdrops and they might get more valuable as the time goes by.

Advantages of having an NFT trading strategy

Trading NFTs is just like trading stocks and cryptocurrencies. Without having the right mindset, emotion control and a specific strategy, you will not survive the market. Choosing your own approach and sticking to it is vital for being bullish in the market.

Having an NFT trading strategy can give you a significant return on investment. It guides you towards the right path when you are approaching a deal. The market’s circumstances are constantly changing and sticking to your strategy will help you stay concentrated. Moreover, it makes it possible to establish a roadmap and to analyse your former performance. In this article we will review some of the most common NFT trading strategies.

NFT Trading strategies

One of the most common ways to approach the NFT industry would be buying the blue chips. The blue chips are the well-recognized, stable and established NFT projects which are safer than the others and have a success record. They are considered the largest publicly traded NFTs and even though they are already popular, the potential to get more valuable exists. These kinds of NFTs won’t lose much value when we enter the bear market.

Another way to ensure being profitable in the NFT market would be buying the floor. Try to buy the lowest price of an NFT from a specific collection. You can pay attention to the trends as well. When an NFT collection is trending, it might be a good opportunity for you to step in. Use google trends tool to get more insights about public opinion. The more an NFT project is searched and looked for, the higher the chances it brings profit for you.

Buying NFTs with few sellers can be considered a strategy as well. When so many people are trying to sell their NFTs from a specific collection, it shows that the public interest is fading and people are getting out of their positions. If you own an NFT which falls into this category, it would be hard for you to sell your NFT and get your profit; unless you dispose your asset at an exceptionally low price.

Try to find highly desirable NFTs. There are many online tools which help you to find valuable NFTs. Rarity is an example. The more uncommon the NFTs are, the more profitable they could become.


NFTs allow content producers to tokenize their works without being terrified of the copyright fraud. As an investor in the NFT industry, you would be considered a catalyst for the confirmation that the artworks are safeguarded. Check out our former article about “How to find promising NFT projects” and then choose a trading strategy based on this article. Now you are ready to jump into the pool of NFTs!

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