Announcement: TGE Safety Check ✅

Hello Paycer investors, we are close to our PCR token launch! 🚀 To ensure that everything goes smoothly, please pay attention to the following points, thank you!

  1. Please make sure that you still have access to the wallet that you used for your KYC, since you will need this wallet to claim the PCR tokens. You must still be in ownership of the private key.
  2. In addition, make sure your wallet address is NOT a wallet from an exchange like Binance, Coinbase and so on.
  3. Please also make sure that your wallet supports the Polygon Network (MATIC), because the token is launched on Polygon. Claiming of the PCR tokens will require to be connected to the Polygon network with the wallet.
  4. The Paycer token contract for Polygon can be found here:
  5. If you have no access to the wallet you used for KYC or any other serious issues please open a support ticket at:
  6. Last but not least, always be on guard there are a lot of scammers in the crypto space!

Thanks for your support in the Paycer project 👍


The Paycer team is developing a bridge protocol that aggregates DeFi and crypto services cross-chain and combines them with TradFi to create new user-friendly financial products and services available on an easy to use platform.

The Paycer Protocol will provide cross chain operability and aggregate certain DeFi products from different blockchains. The Paycer Platform will combine the Paycer Protocol with traditional financial services like a bank account and a debit card. Users only need to make a fiat money deposit on the Paycer platform to get started, no interaction with cryptocurrencies or DeFi is required. Paycer will then automatically place the deposit in selected DeFi products, providing a high and constant interest rate as a passive income.

Be sure to follow Paycer on social media for all the latest updates on product development. We have further exciting announcements to share very soon.

Stay in touch with Paycer:
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