Announcement: Paycer PCR Token TGE Postponement

Hello Paycer community and investors,

we have received many messages asking us to postpone the TGE and listing date. We have also asked ourselves whether today would be a good day for the launch or if a delay would make sense. We have now decided to move the TGE/listing date to ensure a better start for the Paycer token. The TGE will now be at 2022-Jan-10 13:00 UTC. In the following sections, we explain what led us to this decision. We hope that you accept this choice, it was not easy for us as a team to postpone the date.

Reasons for the postponement

  1. Polygon network congestion
    At the moment there are issues with the Polygon network including congestion and an increase in the network fees. This is not a good basis to launch the token on Polygon today. A part of our team had problems with the Polygon network last night when we performed some testing. We will continue to monitor this situation closely.
  2. Market situation
    The entire crypto market is not looking good right now and most crypto currencies are down 10% or more. This is not a good starting point for our token. We have also received several requests from the community that the current market situation is not beneficial for the launch.
  3. Timing
    The previously selected listing date leaves very little room to process and test all the data received from the launchpads with a high quality before the tokens are sent. The listing time was also not well chosen, but only because IDOs end shortly before. With a later launch date, there is more time to inform all IDO investors and not rush into the TGE.
  4. Proper token start for Paycer
    We are working on a long term project that has a big vision. We would like to take the time to make a proper start for the PCR token and not with a red market and network issues.
  5. Community feedback
    As previously mentioned, we have received multiple postponement requests from the community, investors, and even launchpads themselves, especially regarding the current issues at Polygon.

We ask for understanding for the postponement and hope that all can live with the decision. This decision was very difficult for us but we are sure that it is the right choice in the end. It is only a few days and we are sure to have a much better launch time for the token.

your Paycer team

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